How to Repurpose Plates for Wall Art

Use mismatched or coordinated dishes to make a dish plate gallery wall that will make a huge statement and fill a blank wall.

Materials Needed – Dish Plate Gallery Wall

– Old Dishes – Spray Paint (optional) – Decoupage Paper (optional) – Mod Podge (optional) – Plate Hanger Discs

Step 1:  Choose your plates

The first step, of course, is to choose which plates or dishes you want to use for your plate gallery wall.

For example, you might be buying a new set of plates because you’ve broken the majority of the ones in your current set, but you have 2 or 3 spare.

Step 2: Spray Paint (Optional)

Spraying them all the same colour ties them together as a set. Or you can try an ombre effect or colour blocking design.

You can go wild with the colour choice or tone it down for a more farmhouse look. Either way, make sure you choose a spray paint that is suitable for ceramics and check if it requires any kind of primer first.

As with any decoupage project, Mod Podge will probably be your go-to, and depending on the finish you want, you can go for their matte, gloss, or crackle versions.

Step 3: Decoupage (Optional)