How to Repurpose Tiles for Wall Art

Did I mention how simple it is to upcycle tiles as wall art? It’s super simple.

Materials Needed – 

– Tiles – Picture hooks – Invisible disc plate hangers

Step 1: Apply the Disc Plate Hangers

The discs come in varying sizes depending on the weight of the object you are trying to hang. I decided to buy the smallest size for this project.

Here is what the back of my tiles look like. The advice for using these hanging discs on plates is to clean them first (the plates).

I just used small nails directly into the wall to hang my tiles on the loops of the disc hangers.

Step 2: Choose your Hanging

Step 3: Hang your Tiles

All that’s left is to choose a layout that you love. You could group tiles by colour, go totally random or line them up in a straight row.