How to Repurpose Trash Mail: Trash Journal Coloring Book

This tutorial is all about how to reuse the envelopes from your post, junk mail, or otherwise and turn them into a junk journal-style colouring book for kids, personalised with their favourite characters!

Materials Needed – Junk Journal Colouring Book

– Envelopes – Thin cardboard – Embroidery thread – Sewing needle – Scissors – Mod podge  – Magazine cut outs

Cut your Cover to Size

I used the cardboard wrapper from a large dark chocolate bar as the cover of my colouring book.

Cut your Envelopes to Size

I cut the raggedy tops off my envelopes, then cut the remaining part to fit my cover. I also opened the seam at the sides but not at the bottom of the envelope.

Bind your Junk Journal Colouring Book

- Open up all of the envelope pieces and your cover as if you were looking at the middle page of the book.

- Double up some embroidery thread on a large sewing needle and double knot one end. - Start threading by piercing through all of the paper and cardboard with your needle at Point A in the image above.

I used Mod Podge to create a little Thomas collage on the front and back cover.  

Decorate Your Cover