How to Repurpose Used Paint Cans

Save your empty paint cans from disposal and upcycle them into decorative planters using leaves or petals.

Materials Needed

-Empty paint can -Scouring pad -Spray paint -Mod podge -Gloss -Drop cloth -Paint brush -Drill

Step 1: Clean out your Empty Paint Can

If your paint can is really old this step can be very easy as old dried paint often peels off in large pieces. I used a scouring pad for the dried on bits.

Step 2: Create Drainage in your Planter

Any planter needs some drainage. To accomplish this in my paint can, I drilled 4 small holes around the bottom.

Lay down a drop cloth so you don’t make a mess and paint your can the color of your choice, but don’t paint the inside.

Step 3: Paint your Paint Can!

Step 4: Decorate your Paint Can

This next step is the fun bit. You can pick whatever you like as decoration for your paint can planter and use a modge podge to affix it to your paint can.

Step 5: Varnish your Paint Can

The last step is to apply a finishing varnish or gloss to seal and cover your work.

The pot will inevitably get wet when being watered so you want to make sure your decoration is protected.