How to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress After the Ceremony!

If you can't face parting with your beloved wedding dress but you also don't have the room or the desire to put it in storage then you might want to upcycle or repurpose it into a gorgeous keepsake.

Throw Pillow

Use plain materials for the base of your cushion and then decorate the pillows with the trim and embellishments from your dress for a beautiful finish. 


Another accessory that could be made from your dress is a purse.

Handkerchief or Men’s Pocket Square

If you use satin or a less lacy wedding dress fabric you can also turn the fabric into a men’s pocket square.

Bouquet Wrapper

This might be something to make for a daughter to take a bit of your dress down the aisle with them or you might upcycle a sentimental wedding dress from your own mother or grandmother.

Wedding Album

All you need to do is buy a photo album and then cover it in the fabric from your dress. Your dress will then be there for you to see and touch whenever you look at your wedding pictures. 

Granted some more elaborate dresses are going to retain the look of a wedding dress no matter what colour you dye them. 

Dye your Dress