How to Repurpose Your Wedding Gown After the Wedding

If you can't face parting with your beloved wedding dress but you also don't have the room or the desire to put it in storage then you might want to upcycle or repurpose it into a gorgeous keepsake.

Christening Gown

If you know you are going to have children, then you could save your wedding dress for your baby and have it turned into a Christening gown.


Parts of your dress could be made into beautiful keepsake jewellery. Save pieces of the lace, or some of the embellishments from your dress, and have them set into jewellery.

Necklace From An Old Wedding Dress 

If you have jewellery making skills of your own you could certainly DIY this.

Earrings from wedding Dress Lace

As well as pendants you can also have earrings made out of small cuttings from your wedding dress or veil.

Tote Bag

Turning your wedding dress into a tote bag (or several) is a great way to turn your dress into something that you can get a lot of use out of, and get to see every day.

You could turn your dress into a beautiful quilt. You might need to add some extra fabric to do it, but this could be a beautiful project that will make a quilt for you to treasure for years to come.

Memory Quilt