How to Spray Paint a Metal Chair – Easy Ombre Upcycle Project

I had a real session with a number of projects, this is the first that will show you how to spray paint a metal chair with a cheats ombre type effect.   Super simple and super satisfying!


– Metal Chair – Spray Paint – Steel Wool (optional)

Step 1: Clean & Prep

I used baby wipes but you can just use a sponge and some soapy water or sugar soap depending on the state of your chair.

I then used some steel wool to smooth the edges of one rust spot on the corner.  This won’t hide the uneven surface but it will help it not chip as easily after its sprayed.

Step 2: Spray Paint Colour One – Lake (Teal Blue)

For my first color, I used Kobra HP spray paint in Lake, which is kind of a teal blue-green color.

Step 3: Spray Paint Colour Two – Copper

Like everyone else these days I am crazy about copper, so this was the color I choose for the second color of my ‘ombre’ effect metal chair spray paint project.  

I basically did the opposite of what I did with the first color, spray painting from the bottom up until I had slightly overlapped onto where the blue was.