How to Transform Dishware Into Decorative Trinket Bowls

Use decoupage to turn plastic takeaway containers into pretty trinket bowls!

Materials Needed 

– Bowl – Mod podge – Spray adhesive  – Decorative paper – Faux gold leaf

Step 1: Mod Podge Inside of the Container

Spread your mod podge around the inside of your container first. As you can probably tell from the photo I used my fingers for this.

Step 2: Start Layering your Paper

To start decorating your bowl, tear off strips of your chosen paper and place them on the inside. They can overlap here and there, and there can be gaps too.  

Step 3: Decorating the Outside of your Bowl

I used the lid of a plastic storage container as my work surface for this. You can make the scraps small or large.

Step 4: More Mod Podge!

When you have covered your bowl with as many scraps as you’d like paint on another thin layer of mod podge.

Step 5: Gold Leaf

First, I didn’t bother using proper gold leaf size, I used more mod podge in the spaces where I wanted the gold leaf to stick.