How to Turn Old Jeans Into a Bedside Pocket Organizer

This tutorial is all about how I used some of those back pockets to make a bedside pocket organizer for each of my two sons.

Materials Needed: Bedside Pocket Organizer

– Pack pockets – Fabric strip – Ribbon – Fabric Scraps – Iron

Step 1: Cut Out your Pockets

For these two bedside pocket organizers, I used two pockets each, and I ended up using two matching pockets for each organizer too.

Step 2: Sew Pockets Together

Line them up right sides together, trim edges so that the surrounding denim is the same length, and sew.

Next, find a strip of fabric that is the same width across as your finished pocket panel and about 5–6 inches high.

Step 3: Add Top Fabric

Step 4: Interfacing

I cut out one piece for each organizer I was making. I cut it approximately 1" smaller all the way around than my full bedside pocket organizer front panel.

To do this, I used ribbon. I literally took the half-finished organizer up to the bed I wanted to use it on and measured how long I needed my ribbon to be to tie it through the slats.

Step 5: Prepare your Ties