How to Turn Pillowcases Into Clothes Labels!

Learn how to make clothing labels out of old pillowcases or sheets. A cost-effective and eco-friendly way to make homemade fabric labels.

Materials Needed to Make Clothing Labels:

- Transfer paper - Material to recycle into labels - Printer - Iron - Wax paper

Step 1: Create a Label Template

I did this in Microsoft Word by importing my Buttons for Beans logo in a JPEG format, flipping the image horizontally, and then copying it for as many labels as is needed.

Step 2: Print on your Transfer Paper

Put the transfer paper into the printer and follow the transfer paper instructions to print your clothing label design.

Step 3: Transfer your Clothing Label Design onto Fabric

Lay out your material on a hard surface like a table or the floor with something underneath to provide a small amount of cushioning—something like another pillowcase would work fine.

While still hot, peel off the backing paper and place the silicon paper (if supplied with your transfer paper) or baking paper on top.

Step 4: Use Silicon Paper or Baking Paper to Fix your Clothing Labels

Finally, cut out your labels to the size you want. I like to leave a long edge so that I can fold them to reduce fraying.

Step 5: Cut your Clothing Labels to Size