How to Upcycle a Bureau into an Art Deco Drinks Cabinet

A step by step tutorial on how to upcycle a bureau into a modern art deco style drinks cabinet. By Shona Murphy of Made by Murphy.


– Fusion Mineral Paints TSP – Bucket of water – Spray bottle with water – Sponges (scouring pad) – Lint free cloth – Sanding Block (180 grit)

Step 1: Dismantle

Remove doors and hardware to ensure you can get into every groove and tight space.

Step 2: Scrub Clean

When it comes to upcycling anything, your finish is only as good as you prep. It is important to make sure you give your item of furniture a really good scrub!

Step 3: Sand

Give the whole piece a good sand with a sanding block/sponge.

Step 4: Fill Holes

Then I fill any holes or dings you feel merit being filled.

Step 5: Masking Tape

Mask off the edges of the sections you are going to strip to ensure they stay clear of the stripper.