How to Upcycle a Chest of Drawers – the ‘Pink Lady’

This How to Guide for How to Upcycle a Chest of Drawers was provided by Katie Morris from Upcycled Restyled.


– Soapy water and sponge – Sander, dust mask and sand paper – 60, 120 & 220 grit – Sugar soap and cloth – Screwdriver – FrogTape Painter’s Masking Tape

Step 1: Clean

I started off by removing the hardware and then gave the chest of drawers a thorough clean using hot soapy water and a sponge to remove any grease, grime and dust.

Step 2: Sand

Once the drawers were dry I gave the whole piece a sand using my mouse sander and 120 grit.

Step 3: Clean (again!)

Using some diluted sugar soap in an old spray bottle and a damp cloth, I gave the chest of drawers another clean to remove all the sawdust from sanding.

Step 4: Tape

I taped around the edges of the drawer fronts and around the top edges where I wanted to keep the wood top exposed.

Step 5: Paint

Depending on what paint you decide to use, you may or may not need to prime.

Step 6: Sand the Paintwork

Once all the paint was dry I gave the paint work a very light sanding using a 220 grit to remove any brush strokes and drips.