How to Upcycle a Modern Picture Frame & Mount

Quick upcycle of a modern picture frame and mount from gold and brown to silver and white.


– Acrylic Craft paint in white (optional) – Acrylic Craft paint in your desired colour – Clear gloss/glaze – Small paint brush – Exacto knife

Step 1: Create a new mount

The first step is to remove the picture and mount/matte from the existing frame and use the old matte to create the new one.

Step 2: Paint Test

Step two is to do a paint test on the back of your frame. This way I knew that I needed a white coat to cover the gold colour of the frame before painting it silver.

Step 3: Paint

Acrylic craft paint dries very quickly so this is a super quick project. I took the frame apart to make it easier to paint. I did two layers of white paint and two of silver.

Step 4: Layer of Gloss

After applying all the paint coats and letting it dry, I applied a layer of gloss to protect the paint.

Here is the finished piece! This upcycle took less than an hour!