How to Upcycle an Armchair – Reupholstery Basics

Reupholstering an armchair might seem like something reserved for the professionals – but it doesn’t have to be!


– Fabric  – Staple Lifter (or a flathead screwdriver) – Thread picker – Sticky labels – Notepad and pencil

Step 1: Choose your Upholstery fabric

Choosing your new fabric is of course the most important choice you will make in preparation for your new project and its also the fun bit!

Step 2: Preparing, Labelling & Taking Photos

Once you are all set with your materials, the most important thing before you start your project is to take photos from multiple angles.

Step 3: Remove old fabric

Once you are done removing the legs, you can start removing the existing upholstery bit by bit.

Step 4: Cut your (new) fabric to size

Lay the new fabric on the ground and arrange the pieces of the removed fabric on top of it.

Step 5: Time to Reupholster your armchair!

The reupholstering process should be done in reverse order. The trick is to attach pieces of fabric exactly as they were attached previously.