How to Upcycle Clothes – 18 Ideas to Refashion & Rewear

Here are some easy and fun DIY upcycling projects for old clothes or clothes bought at thrift stores.

A super cute way to use parts of your old sweaters and jumpers that are still in tact!

This is a great hack to help you where your clothes for longer whether you need to make them bigger due to weight gain, pregnancy or if you just want to use this hack for your kid's tops!

This visible mending effort manages to make the torn trousers even cuter than before!

Make a cute kid's apron from the sleeve of a Man's Dress Shirt.


Here is another way to use parts of an old or damaged sweater that are still salvageable.

This is another one that is great to do with kids - it can even make a great activity at a kid's party.

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