How to Upcycle Dish Plates as Wall Art

Have you ever seen a really well laid out dish plate gallery wall? They can be truly stunning and we’ve picked out some great examples. Surprise, surprise, they are actually super easy to do too!

Materials Needed

– Your old dishes – Spray paint (optional) – Decoupage Paper (optional) – Mod Podge (optional) – Plate Hanger Discs (Check the size of your plates to figure out which size discs to buy).

Step 1: Choose your plates

The first step of course is to choose which plates or dishes you want to use for your plate gallery wall. These could be a variety of different shapes and sizes or uniform.

Step 2: Spray Paint (Optional)

This is the first option for decorating your plates and definitely the quickest. This is an especially effective way to go when the plates that you want to upcycle are of varying sizes.

Step 3: Decoupage (Optional)

As with any decoupage project Mod Podge will probably be your go to and depending on the finish you want you can go for their matt, gloss or crackle versions.

Step 4: Plate Hanger Discs

The most important step and the only one that isn’t optional with this project is to make sure you are purchasing the right sized plate hanger discs for your plates.

Step 5: Hang your Plates!

If you are a more meticulous than free form type of person you can also use a large piece of paper – that paper – that comes in Amazon boxes springs to mind – and use it to trace out where you want your plates to go.