How to Upcycle Eyeglass Lenses as Brooches

This project is all about using old eyeglass lenses to make retro-cool brooches. Two different methods for clear or tinted lenses with step-by-step photos and materials list.


– Broken or unwanted glasses – Scissors – Scrap Paper or Decoupage Paper – Mod Podge


– For Method 2: Plasti-kote Krystal Clear (I used Satin Finish) – Brooch Clasps – Sticky Back Felt – Glue Gun or Needle and Thread

Step 1: Remove your Lenses

If your lenses haven’t already popped out of your broken frames this is the first step.

Step 2: Cut Out your Paper

The next step is to choose the pattern or design for your brooch by cutting out a piece or pieces of scrap or decoupage paper to fit the shape of your lens.

For Method 1 (Clear Lenses) – Cut your paper to fit the shape of your lens exactly (or as close as you can get)

For Method 2 (Either Clear or Tinted lenses) – Cut your paper a bit bigger than the shape of your lens, big enough so you can wrap the paper to the back of the lens.

Step 3: Mod Podge

Next is to stick or decoupage your chosen paper on to your lens.