How to Upcycle Leather Boots into a Handbag

How to Guide to upcycle your old pair of leather boots into a handbag with a drawer handle for a buckle and strips of scrap fabric for a strap.


– old pair of boots – Large needle – Fishing Line or thick embroidery thread – Heavy Duty Fabric Scissors or Craft Knife – Pliers

Step 1: Remove hardware

The first thing I did was remove the ‘hardware’ – the strap and stud area around the ankle of each of my boots.

Step 2: Cut your Boots

To prepare the body of your purse you need to cut the bottom part of the boot where the ‘shoe’ section ends and the calf begins.

Step 3: Turn inside out & remove lining

The first thing to do, after you’ve cut the calf off your boot, is to turn it inside out to see what you have on the inside.

Step 4: Even out edges

Unless you were super precise when you cut your boot the first time there might be a bit of an uneven line where the top of the heel met the calf.

Step 5: Sew the bottom

With the leather turned inside out, use a running stitch to sew the lower portion of the boot until you have closed up the bottom of your bag.