How to Upcycle Nappy Bin Refill Cassettes – Soft Toys

This is the first and probably the simplest. It involves using the empty cassette rings, some scrap fabric, and some twine to create a hanging soft toy tidy/display unit.

Materials Needed

-Nappy bin refill cassettes -Scrap fabric -Needle and thread -Fabric scissors -Twine

Step 1: Cut or Tear your Fabric into Strips

I made one cut about 4cm across and tore my fabric vertically in one long strip per refill cassette. 

Step 2: Attach Fabric to the Cassette

I tied the strip of fabric to the cassette with the knot to the back and the patterned side of the fabric facing out.

Step 3: Wrap the Fabric

This step is super easy and super quick. You just wrap your fabric around the cassette overlapping the previous loop of fabric each time.

Step 4: Attach the end of your Fabric

Folded it under and sewed it to the inside of the cassette where the stitches wouldn’t be visible.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat the steps here for however many nappy bin refill cassettes you want to upcycle. I chose three, but you could easily use more for this project.