How to Upcycle Old Boots – Succulent Boot Planter

An improvement on the classic boot planter idea - this is my 'stabilised' version involving four boots - it makes for a lovely rustic chic display.


– old pair of boots – Drill – medium sized rocks/stones – Small hand shovel – Potting soil – Succulent of your choice

Step 1: Make Drainage Holes

It is important to have adequate drainage in your boot planters. If water stands inside the boot, the roots of your plants might get too wet and rot.

Step 2: Weigh them Down

This is where the stones come in. The idea is to weigh the boot down so it doesn’t fall over. Stones will also provide some additional drainage.

Step 3: Potting soil

Once the rocks are in place, fill the boot with the potting soil and plant your succulent. Lastly, water well when first planted and follow the care instructions for the succulent you have chosen.

Step 4: Find the Perfect Spot

Succulents enjoy the sun so for best results pick a sunny spot or window ledge.

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