How to Upcycle Old Kitchen Cabinet Doors with Paint

This guide is based on my own research and experience painting my own kitchen units and, more recently, the laminate units in my workshop. You definitely learn as you go!

Materials Needed

-Dust sheets -Post-its -Philips screwdriver -Old tubs -Sandpaper -Primer -Roller paint tray

Step 1: The Dreaded Prep

Start working in sections, ie. the top cupboards first and then the under-counter cupboards so the whole process doesn’t feel daunting.

Step 2: Still Prepping: – Cleaning Your Cupboards

You must clean your cupboards and carcass/framework thoroughly to degrease the units and give yourself a good base for the primer and paint.

Step 3: Fill & Drill Handle Holes

A quick-drying, Non-shrinking filler will be adequate for this. Slightly overfill any holes, and when completely dry, sand smooth and level for your base product.

Step 4: More Prep – Tape

Tape up your walls and/or tiles with the masking tape where they meet the carcass of your kitchen and along the floor if you are unable to remove your kick boards.

Step 5: Primer

Once the taping, drilling and filling is done, you can start applying your chosen base product.