How to Upcycle Straws – DIY Geometric Plant Hanger

This How to Guide for making a geometric plant hanger out of straws was provided to Upcycle My Stuff by Penelope Quinn of Crafty Girl Life Hacks.


– 12 full length paper or plastic straws (20 cm long) – Florist wire – Gold or copper spray paint – Wire cutters – Scissors – A pot and pot plant

Step 1: Cut your straws

First, cut your straws. You will need: 5 x full length straws 5 x 10cm straws 5 x 8cm straws 5 x 5 cm straws

Step 2: Make the base

Make the base of your plant hanger by taking the 5 x 5 cm straws and threading them together with the wire to make the small pentagon.

Step 3: Build the large pentagon

Now build the large pentagon that will sit on top of the smaller one with the 10cm straws.

Step 4: Build the apex

Thread the wire through a full length straw, then through a large pentagon 10cm straw, then thread another full length straw so it forms a triangle.

Step 5: Thread the wire

Take more wire, and thread through all the pieces that aren’t joined directly together.

Step 6: Spray Paint

Give 3 coats of spray paint in your desired colour. Start light and dry between each coat.

Step 7: Insert plant!

Pop in your pot plant, and you’re done! One DIY Geometric Plant Hanger made from old drinking straws!

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