How to Upcycle Tiles as Wall Art

Super easy upcycle project to help you upcycle tiles into wall art. Create a gallery wall out of leftover sample tiles! Great low cost diy decor idea.


– Tiles – as many as you like. I used 5. – Invisible Disc Plate Hangers – Nails and/or Picture Hooks.

Step 1: Apply the Disc Plate Hangers

The discs come in varying sizes depending on the weight of the object you are trying to hang. I decided to buy the smallest size for this project.

Step 2: Choose your Hanging

I just used small nails directly into the wall to hang my tiles on the loops of the disc hangers.

Step 3: Hang your Tiles

All that’s left is to choose a layout that you love. You could group tiles by colour, go totally random or line them up in a straight row.

Upcycled Tiles as Wall Art

I hung my tiles on the wall of my stairway so I put them at a bit of stepped angle as it just seemed to suit the space and the way I would be looking at them.