How to Use Leftover Fabric to Create a Fabric Baby Book!

Make a soft cloth fabric book for a baby. This one is on the theme of colours with loads of fun textures to touch and feel.

Materials Used:  Leftover Fabric to Create a Fabric Baby Book 

– Fabric scraps – Fusible fleece – Thread – Heat n' bond – Velcro

Improv Style

My basic idea was to do an improv block of the same size – 6" x 6" – for each colour, add some fusible fleece, quilt the pages, add a cover, and bind it all together.

Sorting my Scrap Fabrics

I started by deciding which colours I was going to put in my book and then sorting my scraps in to piles of those colours.

Making the Pages – Crumb Piecing

I decided to make each colour page out of a 6" x 6" square. I picked this size because it is big enough to work with and yet definitely small enough that a baby could hold on to it comfortably.

If you are new to improv piecing, or ‘crumb quilting’ as it is sometimes called, you basically start by sewing two scraps right sides together along one edge.

To assemble the book, the idea was to sew pages right sides together and flip over—see below for the binding bit first though!

Quilting the Pages