Ideas for Budget-Friendly DIY Large Wall Art

If you like making a big statement on your walls but don’t have the budget to match, this story is for you.

Materials Used:  Budget-Friendly DIY Large Wall Art

– Plywood – Pallet off cuts – Wood Glue – Mural Style Wallpaper – Craft Knife – Seam Roller – Mouse Sander – Jigsaw

Pallet Offcuts as Wall Art

This idea isn’t inherently large, but you can build it up and use lots of these offcuts to make it as large and abstract as you like.

Step 1: Cut Pallet Wood To Desired Size 

I cut off 40cm (roughly) of pallet board using my jigsaw.

Step 2: Sand

Using my Black & Decker Mouse Sander, I sanded these all down to a smooth finish.

I started off thinking I would just wallpaper a section of the Land of Coco wallpaper to all the pallet pieces and arrange it in a fun way on the wall.

Step 3: Plan Your Wallpaper Design & Paste

I used these sawtooth picture hanging hooks on the back of each pallet, and they worked great for hanging them flush against the wall with no gaps.

Step 4: Add Hanging