Irregular Shaped Scraps - How to Make Fabric from Scraps

This method is all about how to turn the strangely shaped fabric off cuts from a sewing or quilting project into yardage of fabric that is all the same color or pattern.

Materials : Irregular Shaped Scraps - How to Make Fabric from Scraps

– Scrap fabric – Lightweight iron – Pressing surface – Sewing machine thread – Teflon sheet

Step 1: Choose what size of fabric you will make

I use a wool pressing mat for most of my ironing so the size of that mat is the maximum size of fabric I tend to make. My pressing mat is 12 x 18.

Step 2: Arrange your scraps

Place it fusible side up on your ironing surface. Next start placing your scraps right side up on top of the fusible.

When you are ready to iron use the cotton setting and press down over each section of your ‘fabric’ for a second or two.

Step 3: Fuse your scraps into place

Step 4: Sewing the joins

Take your 'fabric' to the sewing machine and sew along all the raw edges with a zig-zag stitch.

Step 5: Trim your fabric yardage to size

I trim my made fabric just enough so that I have straight edges, but if you want a particular size, like a pre-cut size or strips then you can do that at this stage.

I tend to leave the pieces as big as I can because I don’t always know in advance what I will use them for.