Junk Journals: What are they and how to make them!

Junk journals are a great way to enjoy art journaling. And just like any other form of journaling, art or not, there is no right or wrong way to take part in it.

What Is A Junk Journal?

It is often a mix of a little bit of everything and anything and is used to collect and record memories, thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and more.

Possible Junk Journal Supplies

– Glue Stick – Washi Tape – Mod Podge – Ephemera – Paper Scraps – Different Types of Papers – Fabric Scraps

Junk Journal Ideas for The Cover

You could use a number of things to make the front cover such as an old book cover, regular paper, cardstock, brown packaging paper.

How to Make a Quilted Journal Cover

These quilted journal covers make quick and easy gifts as well as being a great scrap buster project!

Junk Journal Notebook

If the typical junk journal isn't really your thing but you're always carrying and using a notebook, then perhaps a junk journal notebook is a great idea for you.

How to Sew Scraps to Adding Machine Tape

Create pieces of fabric that are suitable for all kinds of projects such as embellishments for your junk journal!

How to Upcycle Junk Mail – Junk Journal Colouring Book

Reuse the envelopes from your post, junk mail or otherwise and turn them into a junk journal style!

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