Magazine Holders from Cereal Boxes!

An easy DIY project for making magazine holder files out of recycled cereal boxes.

Materials Used:  DIY Magazine Holders

– Cereal Box – Craft Knife – Pen – Ruler – Contact Paper – Packing Tape

Step 1: Measure Out your Magazine Holder Shape

First, take your ruler, and on one of the skinny sides of your cereal box, measure up 4.5 inches, then draw a straight line across.

Step 2: Cut your Cereal Box

Now use a sharp pair of paper scissors or a craft knife to cut away everything above the lines you drew in Step 1.

Step 3: Decorate your Magazine Holder

I took some sticky-back white label paper (the kind that is all one sheet, like for a big shipping label) and covered the whole of the outside of the cereal box with it.

If you have pretty patterned contact paper, the principle is the same except that you would cut it to size for the sides of your box.

Decorate the Spines Once I had it covered in white, I decorated the spines of the magazine holders with leftover wallpaper from another project.