Make Your Own DIY Macrame Headband Right Now

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make a simple DIY headband, grab your macramé cord and follow this simple and easy tutorial to make a gorgeous boho-style hair accessory.

Supply List For DIY Headband

– Macrame cord – Glue gun – Glue stick – Scissors – Elastic

Measure The Macrame Cord

First, you’ll need to measure three pieces of macramé cord. To do this, double the strand over to have a double thickness. This will make sure the final headband is nice and thick.

Secure The Strands

Next up, you need to secure the strands. I cut and then unraveled a small amount of macramé cord, roughly 12cm, and tied it around the ends of the three double cords.

Make a Braid

Next up, it’s time to put all those childhood years of braiding to the test!

- Lay the three stands side by side. - Move the left strand over the top of the middle strand. This is now your middle strand.

How to Braid:

Cut a 12-cm piece of macramé cord and unravel it so that you have just a single strand.

Fasten The End of The Braid