Making a Bedside Pocket Organizer out of Old Jeans

This is a super quick and easy project and I think looks pretty cute when it’s finished!

Materials Needed

– Pack pockets – Fabric strip – Ribbon – Fabric Scraps – Iron

Cut Out your Pockets

For these two bedside pocket organizers I used two pockets each and I ended up using two matching pockets for each organizer too.

Sew Pockets Together

Line them up right sides together, trim edges so that the surrounding denim is the same length and sew.

Next, find a strip of fabric that is the same width across as your finished pocket panel and about 5-6 high.

Add Top Fabric


If you want your bedside pocket organizer to be functional you need to give it some stability. This is what the interfacing is for.

I cut out one piece for each organizer I was making. I cut it approximately 1 smaller all the way around than my full bedside pocket organizer front panel.