Making a Book Cover Out of a Candy Wrapper

Weave strips of candy wrappers to make a cute and colorful book cover for a planner or Cheque book.

Materials Needed

– Pocket planner – Candy/food packaging – All-purpose thread – Card stock paper – All-purpose glue – Sewing needle – Push pin – Scissors – Pen – Ruler – Scrap cardboard

Step 1: Prepare your Candy Wrappers

Wash food packaging in warm soapy water and allow to dry. The last thing you want is bits of chocolate rubbing off on you in the middle of your project!

Step 2: Cut your Candy Wrappers into Strips

Depending on the size of the pocket planner or Cheque book you are covering, more or less strips may be required.

Step 3: Weave your Candy Wrapper Strips

Start weaving the 3/8” strips together. Line up one of the colors and weave the other color through it.

Slide the piece of card stock under the weaving. Add or remove strips as necessary so that there is room on the edges to lift up the ends of the strips to glue them down.

Be careful to line up the strips so that the weaving is straight. The glue is only to hold the weaving in place until the trim is sewn on.