Making a Chunky Bracelet Out of a Bicycle Chain

Make a DIY bicycle chain bracelet for yourself or as a gift. Make it funky and pink, or embellish it to suit your style.

Materials Needed – DIY Bicycle Chain Bracelet

– Old Bike Chain – Standard Pliers  – Jewellery Pliers – Key Ring – Spray Paint

Step 1: Measure & Separate Your Bicycle Chain Links

Ideally, for this project, you know who the bracelet will be for so that you can measure their wrist and get an idea of how loose or tight they like their bracelets.

Do you want to spray paint it pink as we’ve suggested or just clean and polish it up to its original chrome shine?

Step 2: Choose Finishes & Embellishments

Step 3:  Choose your findings (closure)Chalk Paint

The key to this project is to use a jump ring on either end of your chain that gives you enough clearance over the bike chain to attach your chosen closure.

There are a number of types on the market, from a lobster clasp key ring clip (as in the main image above of the pink chain bracelet) to magnetic clasps and barrel clasps.

Thread it through the hole in the end of the chain and also through the small loop at the end, depending on the type of closure you have chosen, and then use your pliers to close up the jump ring again.

Step 4: Attach your jewellery findings