Making an Outdoor Side Table from Recycled Materials

How to make an outdoor side table by creatively using the junk left around your yard or garage.


– Gallon paint tub – Garden hose – Wood – Spray paint – Glue

Step 1: Cleaning My Junk

I didn’t take the old crusty paint out from inside, I just left it in there to provide some weight for the bottom of my table.

Step 2: Junk upon Junk

I decided to wrap my broken hose around the paint tub and glue it in place. I used some leftover gorilla glue, it was messy, but it worked!

I decided to use up some black waterproof spray paint that was kicking around my house before it too went out of date. I used it to spray the hose-covered paint tub black.

Step 3: Using up Spray Paint

Step 4: Creating the Table Top

Next, I placed my old wood slab on top of it along with a random leftover square tile from a bathroom renovation, just to give it a solid base.