Making Decorative Trinket Bowls Out of Upcycled Takeaway Containers

Use decoupage to turn plastic takeaway containers into pretty trinket bowls!

Materials Needed – Decorative Trinket Bowls

– Bowl – Mod Podge – Spray Adhesive – Decorative Paper – Faux Gold Leaf

Step 1: Spray it!

Before you do this, cut your paper into strips, as unlike other adhesives, this only stays tacky for so long.

Step 2: Lay down your Paper Strips

I started with one strip pressed down on the centre bottom of the bowl, up to one edge. I then added my strips to leave no gaps but without much overlapping.

Step 3: Continue to the outside of the Bowl

I pressed down over the edges and curves as I went. When I got back to the opposite edge, if the strip was too long, I cut it off.

Step 4: Mod Podge to Protect and Seal

Lastly, even though I was using spray adhesive to attach the paper, I still used Mod Podge to join and seal the edges.

And to give the whole thing a protective coating, as I intend to use these bowls for tossing jewelry into when I’m too tired to put it away properly.