Method for Making a Book Cover using Candy Wrapper

Weave strips of candy wrappers to make a cute and colourful book cover for a planner or check book.

Materials Used:  DIY Candy Wrapper Book Cover

– Pocket Planner – Candy/Food Packaging – All-purpose Thread – Card Stock Paper – All-purpose Glue

Step 1: Prepare your Candy Wrappers

Wash food packaging in warm, soapy water and allow it to dry.

Step 2: Cut your Candy Wrappers into Strips

Depending on the size of the pocket planner or check book you are covering, more or less strips may be required.

Step 3: Weave your Candy Wrapper Strips

Start weaving the 3/8” strips together. Line up one of the colors and weave the other color through it.

My planner has a plastic sleeve; it sits inside, and reusing that with the candy wrapper cover inside will give your upcycled book cover a longer life.

Step 4: Insert Candy Wrapper Cover into Plastic Sleeve