Methods for Removing Paper from Sample Fabrics

I will be showing you two ways to remove the paper from the back of fabric samples, as well as how to take apart fabric sample books, and giving you some ideas for what to do with all that fabric!

Where to Find Fabric Sample Books

– Drapery – Furniture Upholstery – Thrift – EBay – Charity Shops

How to Open Fabric Sample Books

The first step is to remove the cardboard binding. This may be secured with long screws and the easiest way to remove it is just to tear it free.

How to Remove the Paper Backing from the Fabric Samples

There are some easy ways to remove that paper and glue. The key is to melt the glue that is adhering the paper to the fabric.

1. Hot Iron Method

Run a hot iron over the paper backing to melt the glue. You may need to leave the iron on each section of paper for up to 10–20 seconds, depending on the glue strength.

If you just want to remove the paper backing from one or two fabric samples at a time, you can run the sample under a hot water tap in the sink to melt the glue, then peel the paper backing off.

2. Hot Water Method

-Tote bags -Upholstery repair -Cushion covers -Zipper pouches -Basket liners -A heavier-weight picnic quilt

How to Use Fabric Samples