Mini Quilt-as-you-go Keychain

This tutorial is all about how I made a mini quilted keychain using a quilt-as-you-go method.

Materials Needed –  Mini Quilt Keychain:

– Backing fabric square  – Batting – Fabric scraps – Ribbon – Buttons – Rings

Choose your Backing Fabric

The backing square was 4 by 4 so I took that as my starting point.

Cut your Batting Square

For the first my batting square was slightly smaller – about 2 &1/4 square and for my second I cut my batting square a bit bigger to 2 & 3/4 square.

Pick your Scraps!

I found some fabric scraps I liked the look of and even a couple crumbs that had puncture marks in them from a previous sewing project!

Get Quilting!

I placed my first two strips right sides together diagonally on my batting square and sewed through the strips, the batting and the backing all at once.

Cut Off Excess

When I was done sewing on my strips I flipped the block over and pinned back the excess backing fabric.