Mini Quilt-as-you-go Keychain

Make a mini quilt-as-you-go keychain from scrap fabric as a great beginner quilting project. These keychains make cute little gifts too!

Materials Needed

– Backing fabric square  – Batting – Fabric scraps – Scrap of ribbon – Two buttons – Rings for Keyrings

Step 1: Choose your Backing Fabric

I already had the backing fabric cut into a square from when I had cut up a bunch of scraps about two years ago thinking I was going to start quilting and never did….my stash of scraps and half finished projects is ridiculous!

Step 2: Cut your Batting Square

If you have cotton batting to hand you can absolutely use it for this. But as I was using this as a bit of a practice project I decided to cut up an old towel instead. I used a 100% cotton towel as with this quilt-as-you-go method you iron straight onto the batting.

Step 3: Pick your Scraps!

I found some fabric scraps I liked the look of and even a couple crumbs that had puncture marks in them from a previous sewing project! The main thing I was looking for was for each strip to stretch across the batting square diagonally.

Step 4: Get Quilting!

I placed my first two strips right sides together diagonally on my batting square and sewed through the strips, the batting and the backing all at once. I then repeated this on the other edge of the centre strip and pressed with an iron to get them laying flat.

Step 5: Cut Off Excess

When I was done sewing on my strips I flipped the block over and pinned back the excess backing fabric. I then trimmed away the excess edges of the scrappy strips to clean up the edges around the batting.