My First Quilt – Improv Quilt

This is the story of my first ever quilt. I loved doing this project so much that I am now completely addicted which is why this story now has it’s own quilting section!


First of all I started at the top with the long strips instead of down in the bottom corner with the smallest piece!

I also tried to partially quilt as you go by sewing the strips directly onto the large bath sheet towel I was using as a batting.

So essentially you use some of the leftover scraps from the front to make the backing.


I then made some scrappy improv blocks using the white cot sheet material as the main fabric and adding in bits of the strips that had been cut off to make my quilt top.


The final quilt is 25? x 33?  sort of the bottom width might be a bit closer to 24? due to some reluctance on my part to cut off a section at the bottom during my squaring up process!

I like the look I ended up with but I would probably try something simpler if I was going to quilt a whole quilt at once like this. I ended up alternating from strip to strip between 4 quilting designs.

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