No Sew Denim Braided Tug Toy

This is a tutorial for making a doggy tug toy – the kind where you hold on to one end like a handle and the dog tugs at the other end.

Materials Needed – DIY Braided Denim Dog Toy

– long seams – clips – large heavy object

Cut up your Old Jeans

Once you’ve cut up your jeans you want to select 3 long seams of roughly (very roughly) the same length.

Clip your Seams and Start Braiding

The next step is to braid a section in the middle to form the loop or handle of our denim dog toy.

Form the Loop and Finish the Braid

Once you have the middle section of your dog toy braided you want to fold it at the mid point to form the loop or handle.

Tie the End

Take the longest seam and wrap it around the other ends and tie it tight several times.