No-Sew Rag Rug Made from Upcycled Sweaters!

This is a tutorial for a different kind of DIY rag rug than what you might have seen before. Its key ingredients are old fluffy sweaters (the faux angora type) and old kids or baby play mats.

Materials Needed – DIY Rag Rug

– Old play mats – Super glue – Sweaters  – Fabric glue – Fabric scissors

Step 1: Measure your Rug and Cut off the Teeth

I had a specific spot in mind for my rag rug so I used as many play mats as would fit nicely in the space. I went for 117cm x 175cm.

Step 2: Glue the Mats Together

I put a dab of superglue between every second or third ‘tooth’ where it connected with another mat and then pressed together.

Step 3: Cut up your Sweaters

The next step in this DIY rag rug project is to cut up your sweaters. The ones I used were a nylon acrylic mix with a bit of spandex thrown in.

Step 4: Lay out your Pieces

Next, you want to lay out the pieces of sweater fabric over the playmats and try to get them to cover the mats as best as possible.

Step 5: Start Glueing

The final step is to actually glue your pieces of sweaters down. I used a multipurpose spray adhesive which made this part very quick and easy.

You want to start at one end spraying the adhesive as close to the edge of your mats as possible. Put some cardboard down underneath if you are worried about your floors!