Painting Velour Upholstery Fabric

It is worth noting that velour fabric is very similar to painting velvet fabric so you can use the tips in this tutorial for either kind of upholstery fabric.

Materials Needed – Velour Armchair

– Water – Paint – Paint brush – Rub n Buff  – Sanding sponge – Bowl

Step 1: Add water (and paint!)

I first wet the fabric with water using a spray bottle to ensure that all the fabric was wet.

Step 2: Paint the Wood

Whilst the first coat was drying I painted the wooden parts of the chair, it had 2 coats of undiluted paint.

Step 3: Sand and Repeat

Once the first coat was fully dry I lightly sanded the roughness off the top with a sanding sponge where the paint was sitting on the pile of the fabric.

Step 4: Sand and retouch

I left the second coat to dry for several hours then gave it a further light sanding to remove any crispiness.

Step 5: Have a seat

The fabric is a little stiffer than originally was but not hard, paint will obviously alter the fabric structure. I am sitting comfortably on this chair as I type.