Pallet wood DIY children's coat rack

I loved my face mask organizer made from pallet wood so much I decided to make something very similar as a kid’s coat rack for my front hall entryway.

Materials Needed – DIY Kid’s Coat Rack

– Pallet Wood – Old Knobs – Wood Varnish – Hanging – Mouse Sander – Drill

Step 1:  Cut your Pallet Wood to Size

I cut my pallet wood to the same size as my face mask organizer 15” x 4”.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Before drilling the holes for them I set some knobs on top of my pallet wood to get a rough idea where I wanted them and measure the distance before drilling my holes. 

Sand your piece of pallet wood down using a mouse sander (the easiest way) or sand paper. Always going in the direction of the grain.

Step 3: Sand

Step 4: Varnish the Wood

Okay so here is where I have to fess up that this is a shortcut hack version of treating pallet wood for use. In short, I used one coat of wood varnish and nothing else!

Step 5: Add Hanging

Step 5: Add Hanging

I used a sawtooth hanger for this because I had it already but it isn’t ideal for a coat rack as it is essentially like hanging a picture and so the rack tips a bit.