Quick Denim Quilt

Make a quick improv style denim quilt out of old jeans and leftover fabric strips. I made mine to get out of a sewing slump and just finish anything!

Materials Used

– Old jeans – Jelly roll strips – Quilt back fabric – Batting

Adding Some Colour

I went for bright aquas and reds with some coordinating lighter strips thrown in too. I ended up using 54 squares plus some extra denim to fill in some gaps in my layout.


Once I’d added my strips to all my squares I tried various layouts on the floor.

I sewed my rows together as per the layout I had decided on but stopped where I was missing a square of plain denim to fill up the gaps.

Sewing Rows & Filling Gaps


I used my walking foot and a denim needle and quilted straight horizontal lines across my quilt.

Fix for a Short Quilt Back

I had a couple of choices – one to cut off that whole side of the quilt which would have made the design on the front lopsided or focus on fixing the back.