Quilt Blocks Made From Scraps

These are especially good for making after you’ve made any kind of intricate quilt block, like a foundation paper pieced block with lots of small shaped pieces that mean you end up with very odd shaped scraps!

Pick a Size for Your Scrappy Blocks

Why 3 & 1/2?? When I started making these squares and out of the different sizes that were in the pack it just seemed a manageable size!

What can you use Scrappy Blocks for?

My intention is to sew them together into a big scrappy quilt when I get enough but there are lots of other ways you could use them too.

Decide if you are going to go totally Scrappy or ‘Frame’ them.

I am trying to use either white or black on the edge of each square and the colored scraps in the middle.

Totally Scrappy or Colour Themed?

Some of the squares/blocks I’ve done in this way have had totally scrappy centres. But my favourite way to do this is to use colour themes.

Really I suppose I am just trying not to think about it too much as I’m doing it, except for reaching for my whites or blacks to finish it off at the end.

Improv Sewing Method

I start with two pieces not necessarily exactly the same size, but relatively small – crumbs essentially.