Reusing Packaging as Upcycled Gift Wrap

To inspire you I’ve document 6 different ways that I reused packaging and other items around my home like scrap fabric, torn tissue paper, and old Christmas cards.

Upcycled Gift Wrap - Old Clothes

Reuse packaging and old clothes to wrap a Christmas present.

Cardboard Box & Torn Tissue Paper

Reuse cardboard box packaging and old torn tissue paper as a gift box using decoupage.

Takeaway Box and Craft Paper turned Gift Box

Turn a Pizza Express Takeaway Box into a monochrome geometric gift box using craft paper.

Plastic Berry Container and Upholstery Fabric as Gift Wrap

Use a plastic berry punnet and off cut of upholstery fabric to make a bon bon shaped gift parcel.

Roots Canada Box Upcycled as a Gift Box

Super simple upcycled gift wrap idea using a Roots Canada box, Card off cuts and a piece of scrap fabric.

Upcycled Shoe Box to Gift Box with Scrap Fabric and Washi Tape

Use scrap fabric and washi tape to reuse a shoe box as a Gift Box.