Reverse Applique Patches for Children's Jeans

Reverse applique is what I used for this project, and it means that the raw edge of the original hole will still remain visible – which is part of why I’m calling this a visible mending technique!

Materials Needed

– Kid's Trousers – Scrap Fabric – Heat n' Bond – Embroidery Thread – Needle – Iron – Sewing Machine (Optional)

Step 1: Cutting Out the Patch for Reverse Applique

The first thing I did on this project was to cut off the straggly bits of denim from where the ‘fashionable’ tears had gotten bigger and bigger.

Fussy Cut Patches

First of all I made sure the fabric with the hole I wanted to patch was laying flat and smooth.

Then I placed the scrap of fabric over top, right side down and tried to work out where the pattern would show through depending on where I cut my patch.

Step 2: Heat N’ Bond to Attach Patches

Once the patches were cut to size I had a rummage in the little plastic bag of heat n’ bond scraps I keep from leftovers of larger projects.

I used a machine embroidery thread for this part of my project, even though I did the stitching by hand.

Step 3: Visible Mending Running Stitch

I basically did a large running stitch or straight stitch around the edge of each patch. I went around three times making sure that as. I crossed the first stitch line I was alternating where the stitches appeared.