Seashell Mirror You Can Make At Home

If you like coastal  beach-themed decor then you will love this easy seashell mirror project.

Materials Needed: Nautical Seashell Mirror

- Wooden mirror - Rope  - Seashells - Off white paint - Foam paintbrush

Paint Mirror

Use a soft brush to paint your mirror sparingly with a  light-colored paint. This is to give it a slightly distressed nautical look.

Apply Hot Glue

Apply hot glue to a 6-inch outer edge section of the mirror, and gently set one end of the rope over it, pushing it against the outer edge.

Press Rope in place in Sections

Make sure to have a wet cloth or another implement that you can use as you go around for scraping glue that might seep out from under the rope onto the mirror as you press down.

Cut Rope

Use the scissors to cut the rope where it meets with the other end where you started wrapping.

You’ll want to check where the mirror hanger is and, if there is more than one, which way will be ‘up’ for your mirror.

Pick the Orientation for your Mirror