Sewing Room Organization Tips

I’m going to show you how I upcycled and reused things I already owned to reorganize my space and make it work better for me. A no-cost sewing room organization makeover!

Home Office Area

I rearranged all of the furniture in the room. I moved the wooden unit where I store my work papers and packaging supplies over to beside the sofa, up against the back wall, and moved the printer with it.

I made a magazine file out of a cereal box for my printer paper and used an empty jar for my pens.

I decluttered things from my sewing table, and I moved most of my furniture around. I have more floor space for laying out quilts in progress or doing other craft work that needs a large space.

Sewing Room Area

I decided to fold the larger pieces and stack them on the dresser shelves and organize other sizes of the same colour beside each stack.


The way I folded it was to try to hide the scraggly off-cut bits and put the widest bit of the fabric on the fold.

I used a range of empty jars from Nutella Jars to olive jars and basically whatever I could find that would fit whatever amount of fabric strips I had in each colour.

Small Scraps and Jelly Roll Strips

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