Simple DIY Magazine Holders Made from Cereal Boxes!

I decided to upcycle some cereal boxes and leftover wallpaper to make my own DIY Magazine Holders.

Materials Used – DIY Magazine Holders

– Cereal box – Scissors – Pen – Ruler – Wallpaper – Packing tape

Measure Out your Magazine Holder Shape

First, take your ruler, and on one of the skinny sides of your cereal box measure up 4.5, then draw a straight line across.

Next, set your ruler on the front or back of your cereal box and draw a line from the top corner of the box to the end of the line you just drew on the skinny side.

Now. Use a sharp pair of paper scissors or a craft knife to cut away everything above the lines you drew in Step 1.

Cut your Cereal Box

Decorate your Magazine Holder

You can be as creative as you like with this but here is what I did. First I decided where I would use my magazine holders and what way they would sit on the shelf.

For the ones I made out of cereal boxes I decided that only the spines would be visible on my shelf so that is where I focused for decoration.